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Upcycled Fashion Magazine Pins

Upcycled Fashion Magazine Pins


Set of ten custom one-of-a-kind buttons, one inch diameter, made from recent fashion magazines.

These pins (Buttons? Pins? You say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomahto’. You say ‘Hoagie’ I say ’Hero’ and that dude over there says ’Submarine’) are the by-product of flipping through endless issues of Vogue, Elle, W, Allure and other fashion magazines of the like, as well as catalogs, art and design magazines, and interior decorating magazines. If something is seen that is interesting and will work for the scale of the button, it is immediately pressed and thrown onto the precious pile.

You can safely call this an elevated form of recycling, and if you are worried about climate change and the inevitable painful demise of the human species, then it is your duty as a concerned productive citizen of the world to do your part and buy these damn things.

Each set is hand picked to complement itself, and if the picker/packer is in a good mood you might get an extra surprise in your package! A lump of gold!? A yellow skittle!? The anticipation is killing you!

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